The E-Health Summit

The E-Health Summit brings together key leaders from the E-Health and Digital Health sector to examine how the intersection off healthcare services, information technology and mobile technology can transform the healthcare sector

26 November 2019 | Arena MK, Milton Keynes

E-Health or Digital Health is an emerging industry arising from the intersection of healthcare services, information technology and mobile technology. Digital health innovations are only just starting to be more widely accepted as necessary for the future of efficient healthcare service delivery. As we address the behaviour, social, legal and technical challenges, over time, digital health advances have the potential to help increase access, decrease healthcare system costs and improve health outcomes. Healthcare data capture is growing at a fast pace and is expected to surpass 2,314 exabytes by 2020. This growth is stimulated by declining storage costs and the emergence of organisational reliability on cloud-based services and subscription models. The National Health Service (NHS), the world’s largest integrated health system, employs over 1.7 million people and deals with over 1 million patients every 36 hours. It generates and manages vast amounts of data, providing significant innovative opportunities.

E Health can be divided into a number of key areas, Telecare, Telehealth, Wearables, Applications, Health Analytics and Digitised Health Systems.

Attend this event to hear from leading experts on the future trends in the digital health industry, government and academia. The E Health Summit will bring together key decision makers from government agencies, NHS trusts, health boards, hospitals, pharmacists, home care providers, long term care facilities, hospices, pharmaceutical companies, medical device and equipment companies, physicians, nurses, ambulance services, social workers, physical therapists, facilities staff, academics, health educators, media, health charities, national professional associations, pain and cancer advocacy groups, boards of medicine, nursing, pharmacy and dentistry, controlled substances boards, to take urgent action in the interest of patients, staff and services.

Children's Ministry

Dr. Keith Tsui

Ceo and Founder – Medwyse l.t.d.

Youth Ministry

Denise Hanson

Head of Techincal Services – BICS

Men's Ministry

Liz Ashall Payne

Founding Ceo – ORCHA

Colin Elkins

Global Industry Director – IFS

Clive Flashman

Chief Digital Officer – Patient Safety Learning